We are always looking to diversify our collective experiences. Here are some of the industries that we have had the pleasure of working with. For more information on any of these projects and how we implemented our strategy, please contact services@buttonpusher.ca.

      Non Profit Organization

      • Ontario Federation of Agriculture
      • Just a Minute of Peace

      For Profit Organization

      • Ontario Craft Brewer Association


      • The Rivoli Pool Hall
      • Avocado Supperclub
      • Xilonen Catering
      • Lettieri Espresso Bar + Cafe
      • Hero Certified Burgers

      TV Shows

      • BeerBuddies
      • We're Talking Homemade


      • Chronic Pain Solutions
      • Aurora Family Chiropractics
      • Urgent Care Centre
      • Synergy Rehabilitation Centre
      • Etobicoke Rehabilitation Centre

      B2B companies

      • Shoppers Drug Mart
      • Dove productions ltd.
      • Silcast North America
      • Guardian Technology International
      • Savannah Kitchens
      • Floka Salon
      • Jagardi
      • IE Group
      • Phantom Fiber Inc.
      • Marty and Avrum the Food guys
      • Tosh Consulting Services
      • Lite it up Candles Ltd.
      • Barrier Free Construction
      • Bay Craig Holdings
      • Tenen Investment Ltd.
      • Eventrix
      • Request It Inc.

      Event Promotion/Management

      • Jagardi Fashion Show
      • Toronto Festival of Beer
      • The Taste of Thailand
      • The National Home Show
      • Cinco de Mayo Festival
      • Festival di Primavera (Little Italy)