Vy La
Business Development Director

As one of the founders of Buttonpusher, Vy La provides strong leadership in the management of business process and creative development. Vy La has been involved in web development, multi-media, and graphic production for the past seven years. In 1998 he spearheaded the web and graphic development division for then industry leader Baldhead Systems. During his tenure at Baldhead, Vy La managed key accounts such as the Royal Bank of Canada , the Ontario Nursing Association, MediConsult, and Carinsurance.ca. In 2006, he created Buttonpusher Inc. with business partner Jeremy Ong. Vy's creativity is evidenced in his ongoing body of work, and he has always been dedicated to developing strategic steps to help organizations to achieve their business vision and meet future challenges.



Jeremy Ong
Business Development Director

The second of Buttonpusher's two founding partners, business director and event management specialist Jeremy Ong provides innovative solutions for hospitality events, business functions, and ongoing market research promotions. Jeremy's multi-media background focuses on audio production and engineering while his business acumen is in the field of promotions and marketing. Jeremy's ability to clarify objectives, strengthen customer and client relationships, and implement creative approaches has made him an invaluable asset to the Buttonpusher team. Jeremy's background in business marketing started in the hospitality industry as a consultant to several of the largest restaurant and hospitality corporations in the country. By adapting those skills to the ever changing business world of today Jeremy is able to better understand the needs of our clients and thus create workable, creative solutions to the most challenging problems.



George Halpern
Media Director

The newest member of the team, George Halpern brings a strong background in print and broadcast journalism to Buttonpusher. With nearly ten years of experience in technical writing for marketing and public relations, George has given Buttonpusher the ability to provide more complete solutions to challenging projects encompassing multi-media, marketing schemata, media relations, and client services. Using his expertise in communications, George has also been able to create new and innovative information channels enabling the Buttonpusher team to better understand and therefore meet the needs of our clients'.